I’ve collaborated and produced music for people like: Tomb, Słoń, Małolat, Tede, Szpaku, Reto, ADM, Malik Montana, Sztoss, Ten Typ Mes, Kizo, Kobik, Jongmen, Aero (Troya), Epis Dym Knf, Deoen, Frosti Rege, RAU, DJ Decks, DJ Grubaz, HDS, Hukos, Cira, KaeN, TWM, Stochu, Młody M, Kafar DIX37, Głowa PMM, Bambo The Smuggler, Wzór, Łuszy, Książe Kapota, Rose Rose, Ucin, Furiat Nh, Gajowy, Klemens, Simpson, Plejer, Bezimienni, Berson, Apgar, Dj Flip and many more from Poland and foreign countries.

I’m a laureat of remix contest Męskie Granie 2012 and finalist of beat battle Katowice 2016. Do you want to work together?

Just, contact me via Facebook or send an e-mail! I could share you a file with demo beats and terms of cooperation.

About Me

I’m a music producer from Poland. I’ve been making music since 2012.
In 2012 I was laureate of  remix contest Męskie Granie. In 2016 I was finalist of Polish Beat Battle in Katowice. Hip hop, trap, newschool are my cup of tea but I can make all kind of music. I co-oped with artists from Poland and other countries. a member of Panteon Rec.

Music which I composed, appears on yotube channels the biggest polish music labels like: SB Maffija, BOR Records, UrbanCity, NewBadLine, Step Records Def Jam Poland.